Adventure Camp Alaska

Summer and After School Programs
Located in Homer

Nalani Schroeder

Nalani Schroeder

I moved to Homer Alaska in 1991 with my Mom, Dad and older brother. I grew up exploring Kachemak Bay and all it has to offer an adventurous spirit. I spent over 10 years as a care provider and skills trainer in our mental health community, including 2 years as a Snowshoe Coach for Special Olympics athletes. I have recently had the opportunity to provide child care and teaching as a Teacher's Aide at Girassol Preschool, Nikki’s Daycare and now with the Tiny Trees Forest Schools.

I resonate with the Tiny Trees approach to learning outdoors in a small multi aged group. I have found inspiration and energy through working with the children in our community. I would like to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for Kachemak Bay and to cultivate learning experiences for our kids through outdoor adventure and creative play.

School Year Rhythm

School Pick ups
Nature Hike
Outdoor exploration
Transition Inside for art, reading, legos, animal care and dinner.

Monday through Friday 2-6pm I can provide after school pick ups.
Children ages 5-11
Meals Provided