Fritz Creek Fiddleheads

School Year Program
Located by Fritz Creek 9 Miles East End

Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell

Originally from New Hampshire, Amanda has lived in Homer for almost twenty

years. Amanda lives with her husband, Sean, a language arts teacher at Homer High,

and their two boys, Keva (4) and Ketchum (2).

Learning and growing with her two small children has sparked Amanda’s passion to

work with preschool aged children. She recognizes how children are developing

tremendously at this age and need a nurturing, respectful environment with clear

boundaries in order for them to safely explore and gain confidence in how they

navigate the world.

Previously, Amanda worked with visually impaired children and adults for 9 years;

then she provided support for children and families who were homeless or living in

substandard housing as a social worker for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School

District. She also has worked in classrooms providing skills training.

Amanda earned a Bachelor’s in Anthropology, and a Masters in Special Education

with a Teacher’s Certification for Preschool – 12 th grade.



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Outdoor exploration
Morning Circle
Transition Inside
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Relaxation activities
Outdoor exploration
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Fritz Creek Fiddleheads is located at the home of Amanda and Sean Campbell 9 miles out East End Road. The property is wooded with trails, a creek. and an abundance of outdoor play areas to explore. A high tunnel with a large natural play space will be available on the particularly inclement days.