Little Foxes’ Hollow

Summer Program

Savanna Paladino

Savanna Paladino

I have an Associate’s Degree as an Education Practitioner and, I am currently studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Developmental Psychology at the University of Alaska, Kachemak Bay campus. I have worked in the childcare field for over 15 years. Although I have taken a few detours to work in the food industry and participate in seasonal positions throughout the United States, I always seem to return to childcare.

I am particularly interested in supporting children in their social and emotional development and take great pride in being able to take the role of a caring, compassionate adult in young people’s lives. Working with children provides me an opportunity to be my best self while encouraging children to explore their own abilities to make good choices. The Little Foxes’ Hollow is the first step to fulfilling my dream of running a nature based, child-lead learning program that will eventually become a licensed center. I have been and continue to participate in training programs and educational enrichment, to stay up-to-date with most current, scientific insight in childhood development. With this knowledge and passion, Little Foxes’ Hollow is my chance to give back to our great community in providing highest quality of childcare Homer has to offer.


Little Foxes’ Hollow is running a summer program

June 17th to August 16th: Tuesday -Thursday All day!.

Our days will consist of trail hiking, nature journaling and crafting, gardening, tending chickens, enjoying the sun, and exploring creeks and woodlands!!!

This program runs for 9 weeks; Tuesday-Thursday at $45 per day. This includes transportation!!!

I am offering a $215 discount to those who enroll their children for the entire session!

For more information please contact Savanna at or call/text 732.770.3376.