• Janet Lansbury- Podcasts and articles to support you in your parenting journey. There are topics on pretty much any challenge you might have!

  • LifeWays North America- Online classes and articles for parents and providers in the area of Waldorf for the early years.

  • Sunday with Sarah-Watch videos on various topics from children and gun play to imaginative play and the importance of songs.


  • Siblings Without Rivalry- Gain the skills and knowledge to help your children have a loving and connected relationship.

  • Barefoot and Balanced- Find out all the benefits that unstructured outdoor play has on your child and family.

  • Bringing up BeBe- How to french parent and how to implement it into your life with a new baby. Finding out how to pause a bit more then we already do.

  • Mitten Strings for God: Reflections for mothers in a hurry- Hear the stories of one mothers experience on how to slow down and enjoy the parenting process.

  • The Soul of Discipline- My go to for discipline strategies for children birth through teen years! Find out what to do and how to be for your child in each stage of development!

  • Simplicity Parenting- Read this book and you will be able to simplify your day, or rhythm, clothes and everything that makes the world feel too busy and like you have no time at all. After reading this you might feel like you have spare time, time to just sit and drink tea.