Tiny Trees Seedling Grove

Year Round Program
Located up West Hill

Keri Keller

Keri Keller



Before School Drop Off
Transition Outside
Regular Day Drop Off
Outdoor Exploration
Neighborhood or Nature Walk
Transition Inside
Indoor Exploration
Activity of the Day
Clean Up/Set Up Rest Spots
Mediation/Story & Rest
Clean Up Rest Spots
Transition Outside
Pick Up
After School


We provide outdoor play based preschool care. Tiny Trees is focused on nurturing and protecting the young child’s sense of wonder and imagination. Play is the work of childhood and our environment is carefully prepared for the developmental needs of the young child. Through play, each child learns a broad range of social emotional, cognitive and linguistic skills. The core of our philosophy is that children learn through play with very little need for adult direction. The teacher is here to foster a safe, loving and caring environment that supports each individual child.

There is a daily and weekly rhythm that provides a familiar environment and support for the children as they move wholeheartedly into play and learning experiences. Our child care home is warm, inviting and intentionally put together to support our daily rhythm. Neighborhood walks will be considered part of our regular program.